Condominum e-portal & mobile app

MyTitan Care portal is Vietnam’s first condo management system that allows residents to book their condo, apartment facilities and receive management announcements through a simple interface. Our MyTitan Care portal has two distinct sections; one for residents and one for apartment, house managers, both equipped with easy tools that make apartment, house living in Vietnam more convenient and enjoyment.

 Basic functions:

1. Notification:  Notices required by the building management to the residents, which may be ordered in the most recent chronological order. You can access text related to announcements in the admin section.

2. Book the building’s amenities: Residents can make bookings to use the facilities, whether or not to pay, book by hour and by number of utility users.

3. Project & Building Information: Basic information about the building’s project and photos of events in the building can be downloaded.

4. Requests / Responses: Residents may request management to handle issues in the building. These issues are related to maintenance, landscape, and any other requirements

5. Registration Form: Residents can fill in an online registration form or download a manual form to sign up for a service. For example, parking registration, transfer registration, moving house …

 Advanced functions:

1. List of facilities near the building: A list of facilities near the building for residents to know and use.

2. Home Appliance Repair Services: Repairing washing machines, repairing air conditioners, repairing refrigerators, disposing of appliances, repairing microwave ovens, repairing computers etc.

3. Set the car: Take the airport, take the long way

4. Services for cars and motorbikes: Car accessories, repair of electric bicycle, rescue, repair of motorbike, car repairHealth services: Consultation with GP, medical examination and testing

6. Consulting services, notarization: Consulting notary documents.

7. Service fee payment channel: Notification of electricity, water, management fee. Payment of electricity, water, management fees …

8. Connection channel for residents: Residents can post information, photos to share with the community. The community can view, not comment. Admin can arrange the time to display this information or delete the request.

9. Connect with resident smart cards, connected to the smarthome system: Residents can control the appliances in the apartment by application.

10. Buy – sell: information about the purchase, rental of apartments by residents

11. Survey: conduct surveys by resident management to collect opinions on product and service quality.

12. Contact – suggestions: help residents send contact information, suggestions to management

13. New product: update the new information about the project.